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Getting the #Metadata right

We get sent, by e mail ( a large number of new artists performing their own songs, usually in MP3 or WAV format. But you know what? They have spent a lot of time writing and arranging and finally recording, then they forget all about adding the correct metadata.

If we get sent 20 tracks a week as sometimes happens and the metadata is only partly filled in, for example the song title is there but the artist is missing when we go to play on the station we have to start on Adobe Audition and add the information. That's time consuming for us and if we think the music is good it says a lot about the artists that they cannot be bothered to make sure this is right before launching a song.

Established artists make sure their music is tagged right so why cannot new aspiring artists do the same?. It's not time consuming and not rocket science, but for us it is time consuming with so many and as we have to normalise all our tracks to the same sound level it adds to what time we have to spend.

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