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Kick Covid Country Blogspot

This is our first blog for the station, and I hope you find it useful and enjoyable reading. We decided to blog initially to let our listeners have a look at our thought processes for starting KCC Ireland.

In 2020 just after the first lockdown started. We were confined to the house here in Dublin, Ireland, and were at a total lose end. One of us had been on pirate radio many years ago as a presenter. It was a Country Music station and always having an interest in music in general and the Country genre in particular, and also our technical manager having been reared on Country from knee high we both decided it was logical to set up a station. Our now technical manager grew up in a household where the family played in a band.

Our technical manager has trained in music and Lou our regular presenter combine, to produce content on the station, along with other guests who support with their voiceover input.

We are fully licensed. for the UK EU Australia and NZ currently, and we strongly support new artists in Ireland and further afield. As the live events industry opens up we fully support venues to support our local entertainers. New artists can send in their MP3 or Wav files to kickcovidradioAT

We are always looking for new voices to present online regularly by recording shows for broadcast or live. We have collaborated with other stations in the past to exchange content.

Next weeks blog will look at the music we play and what we look for in our content.

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