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Station Mission Statement ??

This sounds rather grand.

A mission statement.

Well we originally set out to give the Kick household focus and something to do during the first lockdown in early 2020. We were at a total lose end without work and feeling a bit bored ( That was before we caught the Covid )So we started this radio.

Then after a while we thought we needed to have a structure and perhaps give something back and support artists who had lost their livelihood. That sounds rather grand and how did we plan to do it with a small internet station starting from nothing..

Firstly emerging artists need a platform to showcase their music. There are thousands of song writers and performers who are absolutely talented but lost in the internet scramble for some publicity/exposure.

With this in mind we started to advertise for new music. Today we are getting maybe ten new songs a week on average. Only the best and most closely related to Country music we can put on our playlist. We do get many that are not country related.

Secondly we are getting great songs but good writers are not always the best performers. We are finding really good songs but sung by the songwriter they don't actually work.

Thirdly we decided to formally license this station because that is another way we can support the music industry and performing artists.

Fourthly, We are aiming to make this station as entertaining as we can possibly make it along with being as professional in producing quality audio output as possible

We are currently looking for presenters to join us working from their location and linking on to our platform, if you would be interested and have a knowledge of Country Music, please get in touch on the phone number on the main page or the e mail published there.

Finally we also get asked why we picked the name " Kick Covid country "

It was chosen because we were fed up looking at being locked down and wanted to KICK the F**king Covid Virus. Apologies for swearing but it has gotten tiresome, and ongoing, far longer than we hoped or thought.

.We are now moving to KCC Ireland as a secondary brand name. One of our team had also worked as a presenter on the very successful pirate country radio station KICK FM twenty years ago which established the demand for a Dublin based Country Music licensed station.

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